Why Bmac?

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Why Bmac?

Because we feel the need to do it, because the hairdressers scissors market – filled in with branded scissors actually made in Korea, China or Pakistan – asked for a true and authentic Japanese hand-made product.

We think it is the time to shed light on what has been happening over the past decades and inform hairdressers that the most part of the scissors with the inscription “made in Japan” are not Japanese made and do not respect at all the true and authentic Japanese craftsmanship, tradition and quality.

Today the 90% of the high-end hairdressers scissors are not made in Japan. The economic crisis hit the traditional Japanese manufacturers who succumb to the contemporary lure and choose quantity to the detriment of quality, who think that the very low cost of unskilled workers is an easy profit. For these reasons, these manufacturers moved their production away from Japan towards countries where these conditions are a belief system.

Nowadays, the hairdressers who buy a Japanese scissors believe that they are buying an authentic Japanese product, accurately hand-made in Japan. Yet, after just one day cutting with their new tool, they realize that this is not true. The trust is not repaid back. And this is something not good for us, for our manufacturer and our skilled craftsmen that in Japan, precisely in Niigata, manufacture amazing hand-made hairdressers scissors with love, with care, with accuracy and yes, with great effort, but with the essential requisite of being made in Japan.

For this reason, we are proud to introduce our world, a wonderful and enchanted place where we continue to produce dreams, a place called Niigata. If you look at the map of Japan, on the West, Northwest, you can find it.

Here we are, Bmac is there, in a place where we daily retrace the pure tradition of quality, handing down the time-honoured Japanese tradition of steel forging and caring about every single pair of scissors we produce.

That’s why HAIRPRO, that’s why Bmac, that’s why Bmac made in Niigata, Japan.

More about us


There is something special in the people who work and collaborate to Bmac project. It is their mentality: a strong, winning and competitive attitude. Our aim is to continuously and progressively improve an invention dated 1761 that – in its basic shape – has never changed.

We, in Bmac, understand better than the others that the weight, the shape of the handle and of the blades, the attention to the smallest details make a difference on the scissors performance.

For this reason – sometimes – our amazing creations are definitely “unconventional”.

When we think about a new model, we start with a simple white sheet and we create a unique design, combining performance, comfort and uniqueness.

We, in Bmac, think that if our scissors are studied, designed and manufactured like artworks, then hairstylists will feel the difference and they will cut with great satisfaction and pleasure.

This is our attitude!


Our proud aim is to become a world famous, prestigious company in the very near future. We are spurred on by the enthusiasm and energy of the young members of our design and research team, working alongside Japanese master craftsmen, handing down the time-honoured Japanese tradition of steel forging. This magical partnership is more than we could ever have wished for. And our aim is not to rewrite the history of Japanese scissors, but to write their future.

Why we are doing it

Because we are spurred on by a vision, by a light constantly guiding us towards new researches and creations of new scissors, always one step ahead of the competition, always one step ahead in the design, worldwide recognized as the “less is more design” of the high-end Japanese hairdressers scissors.

Our Collection

The Bmac collection is made up of different series of scissors, which differ in terms of:

  • steel
  • mechanism
  • shape

Each series can be divided into:

  • cutting models and
  • thinning models

The main distinguishing features of all the scissors of our Bmac collection is that firstly: they are entirely handmade by master Japanese craftsmen, and secondly: they are forged from a single piece of steel.

This is what allows us to sharpen our scissors as required, thus guaranteeing excellent results, with incomparable durability. Our sharpening and assistance centre is in Italy, and is the only authorised Bmac centre in Europe, with licence granted from the Bmac Japanese manufacturer. As such, it can supply original spare parts and tools, supplied direct from the Japanese manufacturer.


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Bmac Factory

Why choose us?

After Sale Support

Our after-sales service has been studied to give you a complete and efficient after-sales support.

After receiving your Bmac Scissors, we will sent them to the only authorised Bmac service centre in Europe in Italy for the sharpening, repairing and assistance service.

In the Bmac service centre, your Bmac Scissors is registered in your customer data sheet and inspected. Our inspectors write an accurate and detailed report about the problems of your scissors and send them to Bmac manufacturer in Niigata, Japan.

Your precious tools are carefully inspected for a second time and they are resharpened and repaired by master Japanese craftsmen, who will guarantee you the best cutting performance.

After the completion of the repairing and resharpening service in Japan, your Bmac scissors are resent to the Bmac service centre in Europe where the quality inspectors make a final quality control and resend the scissors back to us.

Our Services

If you call our Bmac service centre at +30 2102237106, we can offer you:

  • expert advise on the choice of the right model for your needs
  • quick help and assistance in solving your problems concerning the resharpening and repairing service of your Bmac scissors
  • instructions about how to send us your Bmac scissors

Our Skills

With over twenty years’ experience in this field, we can offer you a top-quality service in the sales of the high-end Japanese hairdressers scissors and in the after-sales service.

Our experience, our knowledge, our effort in listening to your needs and our expert advise during each visit to your salons have rewarded us with your brand loyalty and your word of mouth communication.

Our customers are always truly satisfied about our products and our services and we have 100% positive feedback on our after-sales service.